Information for Potential Litigation Clients

The Law Clinic is accepting clients by appointment only until further notice.

The Washburn Law Clinic generally handles cases pending in the geographical confines of Shawnee County.  Representation of clients is conducted by law students with practice permits acting under the close supervision of supervising clinic faculty attorneys.

Although our case load may vary from time to time, we concentrate our practice in the areas of:

  • Civil litigation (consumer issues, public benefits, elder law and estate planning, adult guardianship and conservatorship, landlord/tenant, expungement of criminal records)
  • Criminal defense
  • Family law and immigration (adoptions, guardianships, paternity actions, emancipations, divorces with minor children born to the marriage, U and T visa petitions, petitions for special immigration juvenile status)

The Law Clinic represents individuals who are unable to hire private counsel to represent them in their legal matter. No applicants will be approved if they are able to retain private counsel by payment of an attorney's fee or by a contingent fee arrangement.

If you are interested in being represented by the Law Clinic you should call (785) 670-1191 and ask that an intake interview be done. After the intake interview a professor will determine if an in-person interview is appropriate and you will then be contacted by an intern. Our ability to accept cases varies at different times throughout the year depending on our caseload and resources.

The Law Clinic is unable to give legal advice or answer legal questions unless you are a current client. If you need legal advice or need a legal question answered, you may want to contact:

  • Kansas Bar Association (KBA) Lawyer Referral Service:
    Referrals are taken 24/7 at
  • See also the Kansas Legal Services Free Legal Forms service. Examples of forms available include:
    • File for a divorce in a marriage with or without minor children
    • File a reply to a divorce
    • Calculate child support and complete a Kansas Child Support Worksheet
    • Seek a waiver of court filing fees
    • Change an adult's legal name
    • Expunge a criminal conviction in Kansas

Other Resources

Washburn Law Clinic

The Law Clinic does not handle cases involving child custody/visitation or child support. Please contact Kansas Legal Services or Kansas Lawyer Referral Service (see below).