Photograph: Alumna meeting with student.

Replacement Diplomas

If your diploma has been lost or damaged, you may have it replaced through the Washburn University Office of the Registrar. There is a $30.00 fee for diploma replacement. This fee must accompany all requests. Replacement diplomas will be available approximately two months after the request is placed.

If you need a replacement diploma, print and complete the Law Diploma Replacement Form (9 KB PDF; requires Adobe Acrobat Reader) and:

  • Mail it with the $30.00 fee to:
    Office of the University Registrar
    Washburn University
    1700 S.W. College
    Topeka, KS 66621
  • Fax it to (785) 231-1104 (must include credit card information), or
  • Drop it by the Office of the University Registrar, 115 Morgan Hall.

Washburn University policy requires that all requests for diploma replacements be submitted in writing, signed and dated by the person to whom the record belongs.

You may pick up your replacement diploma at the Office of the University Registrar during regular business hours. You will need to present a photo identification. Please call the Office at (785) 231-1074 to verify that the diploma is available prior to picking it up.

If you wish to have your diploma mailed, complete the mailing portion of the form and include the mailing fee with your payment.

Note: University policy prohibits issuing diplomas to any student with financial or other unmet obligations to the University.

Questions about requests for replacement diplomas may also be sent to:

See also Ordering a Replacement Diploma on the Washburn University website.