Student studying in library

Study rooms

The library maintains several group study rooms for use by law students. At times, however, the rooms may be used for other Law School activities such as exams, or Inter-collegiate competitions.

  • Students must sign up for use of a group study room.
  • The reservation can be for two hours or less. (This time is for the group, not individuals.)
  • A group is two or more people.

We ask that during peak library hours, 10:00 am to 2:00 pm, students adhere to the 2 or more-person rule.

Reserving a Study Room

Current day reservations: 

To reserve a room during the current day, use the tablet next to the study room door. 

  • Go to the tablet for the room you want to reserve.
  • Click RESERVE
  • Select the times you want to reserve the room.
  • Click RESERVE
  • Red on the timeline indicates the room is already reserved for that time.

Future or multiple reservations:

The second way to reserve a study room is to create an account on our calendaring system. Setting up the account will allow you to reserve a room 1 to 30 days ahead of time.  You will still be limited to a 2-hour time period.  If you need to book a room for multiple days and/or times please contact Barbara Ginzburg.

Requesting an account:

Reserving a room:

  • Under Home Click “Create a Reservation.”
    • Click “book now” next to Reserve a Library Group Study Room
    • Select your date.
    • Select the Start and End Time. (limit of 2 hours)
    • Click “Search.”
    • Select the room you would like.
    • Enter number of attendees.
    • Click “Add.”
    • Click “Next Step.”
    • Fill out the Reservation details. Boxes in red are required.
    • Click “Create Reservation.”
    • You will receive a confirmation email for your booking.