Student studying in library

Study rooms

The library maintains several group study rooms for use by law students — one each on the first, third, and fourth floors and five on the second floor. The purpose of these rooms is to provide a place within the library where a small group of law students may gather to discuss their classes and studies, or prepare for exams. At times, however, the rooms may be used for other Law School activities such as Placement Office interviews, or Inter-collegiate competitions.

Please sign up online to reserve a room:

  • Students must sign up for use of a group study room.
  • The reservation can be for two hours or less. (This time is for the group, not individuals.)
  • A group is two or more people.

Study rooms vary in size, but comfortably accommodate three to four students. Students are responsible for returning all books to the shelves and leaving the room in a neat condition. Students are also asked to talk at a low volume so library users outside the room are not disturbed.

All questions regarding the use of the rooms should be directed to the Circulation Desk.