Students Sponsor Operation: Christmas Child

Photograph: Shoeboxes of supplies to be donated.Operation: Christmas Child was an absolute success.

Thanks to students, faculty, and staff, enough items were donated to fill sixteen boxes for various ages of girls and boys from toddlers to pre‐teens.The Children and Family Law Center was joined by HALSA, BLSA, ILS, the Pro Bono Society, and AALSA in sponsoring this fundraiser and item collection drive. The Children and Family Law Center and the five student organizations originally set a goal of ten boxes but as donations poured in, it became apparent that more boxes would be filled. Each box was filled with candy, toys, school supplies, soap, a toothbrush, toothpaste, and other various items.

Some donors had their children write messages to the intended recipient child or donated multiple items that were to be kept together for one child that were themed, such as school supplies or art. Professor Elrod kindly donated multiple plastic containers which were used in lieu of a standard cardboard shoebox.Photograph: Box truck.

After a fun day of packing and preparing the boxes with labels, they were delivered to a local collection center. The volunteers there packed the shoeboxes into larger cardboard boxes which were taken by box truck so they could be shipped from the distribution center. The postage for each box was $7.00 which was covered in part by donations and largely by the student organizations.

After Christmas, the Center was notified that Washburn’s shoeboxes were sent to children in the Philippines, where it is certain that they were appreciated and well‐received. The Children and Family Law Center thanks the Washburn Law community for helping with this fundraiser and collection event.