Professor Elrod Comments about Kansas Sperm Donor Case on Today Show and in Washington Post

Professor Linda Elrod was interviewed and provided comments to NBC's Today Show about the Topeka, Kansas case involving sperm donor William Marotta who signed away his parental rights and financial responsibility when he donated to a lesbian couple.

The couple became pregnant without using the services of a licensed physician; they separated after giving birth to a girl three years ago. The birth mother sought and received assistance from the State of Kansas when the non-birth mother became unable to work because of an illness.

Professor Elrod commented on the Today Show that "[t]he idea is the State of Kansas shouldn't be paying support if there is a person who is legally obligated to pay support."

In the January 2, 2013 Washington Post article "Kansas sperm donor fighting effort by the state to make him pay child support," Elrod "said the law seems clear: Sperm donors who don't want to be held liable for child support need to work with a doctor. Other than that, the general rule is strict liability for sperm." Elrod also provided comments to Kansas First News for their January 3, 2013 report.