Dean Romig Comments on Personal vs. Professional Information in Wichita Eagle

Dean Thomas Romig was quoted extensively in The Kansas City Star's January 20, 2013 article "People Unknowingly Add to Ever-growing Mountain of Available Personal Data."

The article asserts that with nearly every phone call, text, Facebook post, and store purchase humans are adding to huge databases containing their personal information. Dean Romig indicated that instructors at Washburn Law explain to first-year students how Facebook entries posted years ago could come back to haunt them in Internet searches done by future employers or clients. He asks "What is personal information and what is professional?" Employers looking at Facebook accounts, or asking all job applicants if they can look, is a big issue.

Credit companies have incredible amounts of information on all their customers. In the future, drones flying overhead on routine traffic patrols may pick up something in a person's backyard that looks illegal; would this information be admissible in court? These are some of the issues that lawmakers and courts need to investigate further.