Glashausser is Visiting Scholar in Tokyo

Image: Poster for Glashausser's lecture.Professor Alex Glashausser has been spending the summer in Tokyo as a Visiting Scholar at Waseda Law School.

He recently delivered a public lecture, “Human Rights, Jurisdictional Wrongs:  The Misconstrued Alien Tort Statute,” sponsored by the Waseda University Institute of Comparative Law.  His article based on that lecture will be translated into Japanese and published in Waseda’s Comparative Law Journal

Earlier in the summer, also in Tokyo, he lectured at the Chuo University Comparative Law Institute on the topic of “International Torts, Extraterritorial Distortion.”  His article based on that lecture will be published, in Japanese, in Chuo’s Comparative Law Review

In addition, Chuo will publish another article by Professor Glashausser, “Judicial Supremacy Under the U.S. Constitution:  A Historical Challenge to the Orthodox View of Congressional Power” (also in Japanese), in the Chuo Law Journal.