Photograph: Eagle statue outside law school.


In its 100-plus year history, Washburn University School of Law has shaped the legal education landscape by consistently following its mission to enhance student learning, contribute directly to the legal community, and set an example of lifelong intellectual inquiry and professionalism.

By remaining true to our mission, we have excelled in the categories most important to our students and alumni, the same categories that measure the success of a legal education: high-quality curriculum; exceptional faculty and library resources; favorable graduation statistics, bar pass rates and employment outcomes; and overall affordability.

National authorities consistently recognize Washburn Law for providing students with hands-on, practical skills required in today's business climate. These accolades, however, have no significance unless we are ensuring the best future for our students.

Washburn Law "Firsts"

Washburn University School of Law is first in Kansas and the region in the following:

  • First in Student/Faculty ratio:
    • 10.4/1
  • First in Legal Centers for Excellence: 5:
    • Children and Family Law Center
    • Business and Transactional Law Center
    • Center for Excellence in Advocacy
    • Center for Law and Government
    • Oil and Gas Law Center
  • First in Certificates of Specialization:
    • 9
  • Nationally Ranked Law Library:
    • 19th among best law libraries in the country
  • First in the region for having a live-client Clinic
    • 7 practice areas
  • First in Kansas for the number of Supreme Court Justices:
    • 4 out 7 Supreme Court Justices are Washburn Law graduates
  • First in skills-based learning
    • numerous externship opportunities
  • First in Kansas and a leader in the Region for Government Jobs:
    • ranked in the top 20 in the nation for Government Jobs
  • First in Kansas for preparing Prosecutors and Public Defenders:
    • ranked in the top 20 in the nation for jobs as Prosecutors and Public Defenders
  • First in Kansas for
    • lowest tuition and one of the lowest in the country
  • First in Kansas for the number of District/County Attorneys:
    • 60% of the District/County Attorneys in Kansas are Washburn Law graduates
  • Named an
    • Outstanding Law School by Princeton Review
Other Practice Areas
Certificates of Concentration

Students at Washburn University School of Law may distinguish themselves in the job market by earning a Certificate of Concentration. The areas of concentration can be completed within the traditional 90 credit hours required for graduation. While students do not declare majors because law school provides a broad foundational education, earning a certificate at Washburn Law allows students to formalize an area of specialization within the traditional law school curriculum.

Certificates may be earned in the following areas: