Message from Dean Jackson

Hello, Washburn Law Alumni and Community,

What a great start to the year already! On campus, we had another successful Day of Giving, a new president has taken office, and the future is looking bright after another Board of Governors meeting. Off campus, the region is buzzing with excitement following another Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl win. However, as we celebrate these moments, it's imperative that we take a moment to reflect during this Black History Month.

I am proud to have received my education here and to help lead this institution into the future, a future made brighter by its rich history and impact on civil rights. Washburn University School of Law was a pioneer of its time, allowing African-Americans an education from the beginning. As you already know, Washburn Law graduates played a vital role in the landmark Brown v. Board of Education case in the 1950s. I'm excited to share that this will be showcased through a masterfully created piece of art in the new building. Local artist Michael Toombs created a one-of-a-kind piece that showcases the history of Washburn Law School and the role Washburn lawyers played in advancing this landmark case. The piece will be unveiled with the opening of the new building later this year.

We also celebrate a new scholarship being established to honor the memory of the last surviving plaintiff in Brown v. Board of Education. Zelma Henderson, who passed away in 2008, fought for equal rights for her children. Years later, her connection to a new member of the Washburn Foundation board of trustees will now commemorate her dedication to equal educational opportunities for all. Learn more about Mrs. Henderson's story.

The new Zelma Henderson Scholarship is not the only scholarship receiving attention in February. On February 2, Washburn University held its annual Day of Giving. Through the generosity of friends and alumni like you, the School of Law alone raised over $21,000 to support student scholarships and the Washburn Law Clinic. I am grateful to each one of you who helped spread the word and made a gift that day. Your support allows us to continue providing the best education possible to future generations of lawyers. Thank you!

Day of Giving also marked Dr. JuliAnn Mazachek's second day in office. She hit the ground running, speaking to our Board of Governors meeting barely a week into her tenure. Dr. Mazachek's dedication to Washburn and the law school is as present now as it has ever been. Here at the Law School, we are eager to be a part of this new chapter in Washburn's history.

As we continue through the semester, I will continue to keep you updated on any changes happening at the law school. In the meantime, if you have questions, please reach out to me. As I always say, this is your law school. I am always happy to hear from you.



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