Photograph: Law students at commencement.
Affordable education with robust scholarship programs

Affordable Education

In-State Tuition

You can attain a high-quality legal education at a judicious cost at Washburn Law. We receive funding from the state, the county, and the city, which allows us to offer tuition rates in line with public law schools, yet well below the cost of most private law schools. You can qualify for in-state tuition rates and save more than $10,000 a year in one of three ways:

  1. Be a Kansas resident;
  2. Be a Colorado, Missouri, Texas, Oklahoma, or Nebraska resident; or
  3. Complete six short months of Kansas residency. (Washburn's residency policy is unique. Most schools require you to pay nonresident tuition rates for the entire time you are a student, if you start law school as an out-of-state student. At Washburn, you can become a resident student after only six months.)

The Washburn University Financial Aid Office provides personal guidance to all students applying for and receiving financial aid. Their goal is to help you maximize available assistance so you can focus on your studies.