Photograph: Student and professor discussing legal issues in the law library.
Personal attention from respected and accessible faculty

Personal Attention

At Washburn Law you are a student, not a statistic. Collegiality among students and between faculty at Washburn Law is unparalleled. The educational experience is robust with collaboration on all levels — students, faculty, and staff — resulting in a diverse learning environment. Students encourage and support each other in discovering limitless potential.

Washburn Law takes great pains in hiring faculty who understand the importance of supporting their peers and the impact of peer relations on the students and their educational experience. Because of our unique approach to teaching, students are names and not numbers. Professors will know your name and will get to know you personally. Faculty offices are readily accessible; professors encourage students to stop by and ask questions. It's not enough for our faculty to teach the law; they want students to understand the law. They genuinely care about your success. Because at Washburn Law, we prescribe to the concept that when you do well, we all do well.

A Best Law Teacher
Photograph: Rory Bahadur.
Professor Rory Bahadur was named one of only 26 "best law teachers" in the United States. Bahadur is featured prominently in the book, What the Best Law Teachers Do (Harvard University Press, 2013). [Read more]

Watch the video below, where law professor Amy Deen Westbrook notes the three reasons why she chose Washburn Law:

  • faculty who are experts in their fields,
  • teaching, which is our number one priority, and
  • the collegial atmosphere.