Photograph: Professor working with student in courtroom.
Learn practical skills through hands-on experience

Practical Skills

In today's highly competitive and evolving job market, employers seek candidates with a firm understanding of legal theory and practice-ready skills.

Washburn Law provides a hands-on educational experience not commonly found at other law schools. Our students gain essential practical skills through the conventional externships, clinical work, and internships. It's our supplementary hands-on experiences made possible by dedicated faculty and committed alumni that sets us apart.

Our professors do more than lecture; they play an active role in your legal education, ensuring your success every step of the way. Going the extra mile — or 600 miles — for students is not unusual at Washburn Law. Students in one course attended a nationally prominent conference 600 miles away, at no charge to them, arranged by their professor to provide the students with invaluable experience and to network with legal professionals. Students also gain real-world experience in and outside of the classroom by working with faculty on collaborative research opportunities and assisting with faculty scholarship activities.

Washburn Law alumni are some of the most benevolent individuals you will meet, generous with their time and talent. They donate countless hours to work with our students on trial skills, in the classroom and on the job. Many travel thousands of miles to serve as scholars in residence imparting knowledge and wisdom to our students over two- and three-day programs.

Some call these undertakings the Washburn Law difference; we call it standard practice.