Photograph: Students in a classroom.

Centers for Excellence

Washburn Law's six signature programs – the Center for Law and Government, the Center for Excellence in Advocacy, the Business and Transactional Law Center, the Children and Family Law Center, the Oil and Gas Law Center, and the International and Comparative Law Center – form an extensive “learning network,” connecting law students to experienced professionals and classroom study to real-world practice.

Each Center focuses on a specific area of law to give you a thorough understanding of that practice area. The Centers also offer advanced research and legal education programs, making them valuable resources for local, state, and national legal communities.

Within their respective areas, the Centers develop a variety of programs and activities that allow students to collaborate with faculty members, experienced alumni, and other professionals eager to share their scholarship and wisdom. Students often participate in the design of Center-sponsored activities, inviting guest speakers to informal lectures and developing workshops and related events. In essence, the Centers provide knowledge, skills, and professional contacts that many lawyers do not gain until well after graduation.