Photograph: Students in a classroom.

Washburn Law Clinic

For more than 45 years, the Washburn Law Clinic has made it possible for students to practice law before graduation – and provide a valuable public service.

The Law Clinic, which operates as a working law firm staffed by upper-level law students and full-time faculty members trained in clinical education, teaches how to argue a complex legal issue before a judge, make a closing argument to a jury, depose an expert witness, and cross-examine a hostile witness during trial.

Law Clinic interns are granted special permission from the Kansas Supreme Court to represent individuals who otherwise could not afford legal counsel. Under the close supervision of faculty, interns work with clients on issues of criminal law, family law, juvenile law, civil law, appellate defense practice, and transactional law. A low student-faculty ratio ensures students obtain the maximum benefit from their clinical experience.

The Washburn Law Clinic functions as an in-house general practice law firm, providing representation in practice areas such as:

Other Practice Opportunities

Students in the Criminal Appellate Advocacy Clinic work on actual felony criminal appeals assigned to the Kansas Appellate Defender Office.

Photograph: Alex Wulff.

"Thanks to my Washburn Law Clinic experience, I know how to prepare for trial and argue cases in a courtroom -- and help people with real problems. I feel ready to begin my career."

--Alex Wulff, '11