First Year Student Summer Spotlight: Jessica Conrow

I guess it's still summer right? I mean, classes start in a few weeks, but I’ll be your spotlight this week!

Most of my fellow law students have been busy this summer doing internships, externships, and taking summer classes. Let me tell you – I am not much different. However, I’ve had the wonderful privilege of working for Sloan, Eisenbarth, Glassman, McEntire & Jarboe, LLC. They are a fabulous, fun law firm in downtown Topeka. Lucky for me, they handle so many different types of litigation that I have gained SO much practical experience and knowledge!

This summer, Sloan has given me legal confidence I did not have after my first year of classes at Washburn. Since I started with them in March, I have become a part of the Sloan Law Firm community. The lawyers and staff have been excellent in assisting me in furthering my legal education. Plus, they are all fun to be around.

So far, I have completed a wide range of projects for the firm including working on family law disputes, worker’s compensation claims, and much more! While working with the law firm, I draft pleadings, research complex issues, and really get to understand every step involved in civil litigation.

But enough about the working, what about all the fun I have had? Well, during the summer I have been participating on Sloan’s Sluggers softball team. I’m going to go ahead and brag to you a bit – we’re pretty good. However, that’s not due to MY participation. While I love sports, I am not quite the best at them. Especially when they involve hard objects flying at your face! Other than that, socializing with the attorneys has been very eye-opening. I have enjoyed hearing about the various law school stories from all of them. Most of the attorneys are Washburn Law graduates, so it’s nice to be able to relate to their tales!

To any first year law students, I would highly recommend gaining some type of legal experience during the summer after your 1L year. You really gain confidence and begin to see what being an attorney is really like. It is a completely different learning experience than what you get from classes!

Either way, if you’re a 1L at Washburn, you’ve chosen the right place! Every day I find new reasons as to why Washburn was such a perfect choice!