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Washburn Lawyer, Fall 2011


Advancement: Planned Giving; Recent Endowments (266 KB PDF)
John and Louise Hamilton establish the Law Scholarship fund. Other recent endowments and scholarships have been enhanced or established by John and Maureen Collins; Allison L. Herr and Dr. John J. Donohue; The Honorable Marla J. Luckert and S. Ken Morse; Ronald W. Nelson; T. Michael and Sheryl W. Wilson.

Accommodating Students with Disabilities (165 KB PDF)
Lynette Petty, '87, who has been responsible for ADA accommodations at Washburn Law for 12 years, relies on medical documentation and recommendations from the student's health care provider to help her meet the needs of students who have requested assistance.

Mentor/Mentee: New Three-Tier Approach Connects Generations (265 KB PDF)
Connecting with alumni and friends of Washburn Law and building those relationships enhances first year law students’ bank of resources.

Breaching Borders: State Encroachment into the Federal Immigration Domain? (380 KB PDF)
Symposium explores the political and legal controversies mounting at the intersection of federal and state immigration law.

Donor Honor Roll: List of Recent Contributions to Washburn Law (2.3 MB PDF)

Alumni Association Awards: Distinguished Service Award; Honorary Life Membership; Lifetime Achievement Awards (212 KB PDF)
The Washburn University School of Law Alumni Association Board of Governors presents its annual awards.

Signature Programs

Legal Briefs

  • Diversity; Fall 2011 Entering Class (248 KB PDF)
    Strategic Goal: Increasing Diversity; Washburn Law welcomed new students from 44 different undergraduate schools.
  • The Republic of Georgia (265 KB PDF)
    Judicial Independence and Legal Empowerment Project.
  • Law School News (151 KB PDF)
    Washburn Law Recognized as a 'Top Law School for Government Jobs,' 'Best Value,' and 'Best Law School'; Gay-Straight Legal Alliance makes Donation to PFLAG; Washburn Law Alumni Vital to Recruiting High-Quality Student Prospects.
  • Student Profiles (160 KB PDF)
    Jason Schulte, First-year Law Student; Todd Thomason, JD candidate, Business and Transactional Law Certificate, December 2011.
  • Alumni Profile (136 KB PDF)
    Melissa L. Castillo, ’06.
  • Dean's Circle (175 KB PDF)
    Dean's Circle Reception & Dinner.
  • Alumni Fellow (146 KB PDF)
    George A. Barton, '77, honored as the Washburn University Alumni Fellow from the law school.

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