Image: Washburn Lawyer.

Washburn Lawyer, Winter 2005


Making A Connection (2.6 MB PDF)
Courtroom, classroom and library technologies ready students, law school for the future.

$1 Million Gift (256 KB PDF)
Gift funds Norman R. Pozez Chair in Business and Transactional Law.

Leading By Example: Recent Endowments (258 KB PDF)
Alumni, faculty and friends help ensure the future success of Washburn Law.

Speakers at Washburn Law (1 MB PDF)
Highlights of recent speakers at Washburn Law.


  • News & Events
    • Part 1: December Graduates; Professional Development; Bankruptcy Law Reform; Washburn Law School Association Alumni Awards; Alumni Fellow Award; Justice Eric Rosen; Dean's Circle Dinner (1 MB PDF)
    • Part 2: Smith v. VanGorkom 20 Years Later; Russian Judges; 2005 Distinguished Tax Law Visitor; Fall 2005 Advocate in Residence (340 MB PDF)
    • Part 3: Law Students Receive Weigand Scholarships; White House Interns; Kansas Court of Appeals; Building the Mitigation Case (602 KB PDF)
  • Class Actions (468 KB PDF)
    Your classmates and their accomplishments.
  • Corrections (403 KB PDF)
  • Centennial Celebration: The Next Chapter, May 6, 2006 (435 KB PDF)
  • Front Cover & Table of Contents (570 KB PDF)
  • Back Cover (Upcoming Events) (299 KB PDF)