Volume 12, No. 3 (Spring 1973) Table of Contents

Obiter Dictum


The Dean's Report to the Bar, p. 262-268 (537 KB PDF)
Raymond L. Spring

The Impact of Expenditures on the Operation of the Criminal Justice System, p. 269-280 (943 KB PDF)
David N. Atkinson & James A. Dunn, Jr.

Legal Malpractice, p. 281-296 (1.3 MB PDF)
Dennis L. Gillen


The Psychotherapists' Privilege, p. 297-316 (1.9 MB PDF)
Craig Kennedy

Contracts in the Conflict of Laws: A Proposed Solution to the Confusion in Kansas, p. 317-330 (1.3 MB PDF)
J. Taylor Neuschwander

Plaintiffs' Use of the Clean Air Amendments of 1970, p. 331-342 (1.0 MB PDF)
Thomas L. Boeding

Rule 23 and Class Action Development, p. 343-365 (2.4 MB PDF)
John E. Caton & Durward D. Dupre

Loan Receipt Transaction—Form and Application , p. 366-377 (1.1 MB PDF)
Clark R. Nelson


The Kansas Courts of Appeals, p. 378-385 (710 KB PDF)
Gregory A. Dean

Administrative Law: Affirmative Action and the FCC [United States v. Midwest Video Corp., 406 U.S. 649 [1972]], p. 386-390 (436 KB PDF)
Stephen L. Day

Domestic Relations: Alimony Termination After a Voidable Remarriage [Dodd v. Dodd, 210 Kan. 50, 499 P.2d 518 [1972]], p. 391-395 (510 KB PDF)
Myron Hausheer

Constitutional Law: States' Latitude With Voting Restrictions [Rosario v. Rockefeller, 93 S. Ct. 1245 [1973]], p. 396-400 (506 KB PDF)
Larry B. Spikes


Index to Volume 12, [5p.] (312 KB PDF)

Miscellaneous Pages

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