Volume 62, No. 3 (Spring 2023) Table of Contents

Obiter Dictum

In Memoriam: A Man for All Seasons – A Remembrance of James M. Concannon

Symposium - Law in The Zoom Era: The Future of Virtual Lawyering

Adjudication on Zoom and Beyond: Human Interaction in Virtual Courts, p. 461-506 (297 KB PDF)
Neal Feigenson

Teaching to the Tech: Law Schools and the Duty of Technology Competence, p. 507-540 (217 KB PDF)
Raymond H. Brescia

The Investment Adviser Marketing Rule: An Analysis and Compliance Guide, p. 541-585 (261 KB PDF)
Isaac Mamaysky

Life Beyond Zoom: The Promise of Emerging Virtual Court Alternatives, p. 587-616 (284 KB PDF)
Dyane O’Leary

The Disconnect: Reflections on the Virtual Connection Between Lawyers and Clients, p. 617-633 (147 KB PDF)
Brittany Stringfellow Otey

National Native American Law Students Association Annual Writing Competition Winner

Tribal Infrastructure as a Road to Reclaiming Sovereignty, p. 635-645 (120 KB PDF)
Joe Hillman and Clayton Fulton

Student Scholarship

Negotiating with a Virus: The NFL’s COVID-19 Response and What It Means for the Future of Collective Bargaining, p. 647-685 (269 KB PDF)
Jacob T. Overbey

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